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2022-23 Pilot Program

Modernizing school communication requires a bold move. 

Flathat is seeking partner schools that move boldly and recognize the need to improve communication and collaboration in schools. For these future shapers, we have created a Pilot Program for the 2022/23 academic year. This trial year is free for participating schools with no obligation to use Flathat thereafter. The program is limited to 50,000 seats. Seats are counted as Students, Teachers, and Administrators. The partnership requires cooperation with the integration of Flathat and the execution of the Success Plan for the pilot year. As part of the Success Plan, Flathat will be investing in both marketing and publicity for each partner district. This is critical to the success of implementing a modern communication and collaboration platform like Flathat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to integrate my entire school?

Modernizing school communication requires a holistic approach. Piecemeal solutions only exacerbate the problems. Therefore, we do require entire school adoption, but you do not have to integrate your entire district to be accepted into the program.

What is the cost of Flathat after the pilot program?

No complexity here. Flathat charges annually per seat. Seats are defined as Students, Teachers, and Administrators. Guardians are free. Those that want to follow the school newsfeed can freely access the mobile app as a Fan.

Can I integrate a monitoring system?

Yes. Interoperability is critical to a modern communication platform. Flathat is designed to work with leading providers of communication monitoring solutions, among other technologies.

Is this a full-featured version of Flathat?

Yes. All features will be enabled including broadcast messaging and robo-calling for Admins as well as the custom avatar system. Many of these features can be turned on/off at the discretion of the school, or simply tested during the pilot year alongside existing solutions. Pilot partners will also have an open channel to suggest new features or improvements.

How is Flathat able to offer this program for free?

Success in early-stage funding and our participation in the Amazon EdStart program helps. We also recognize it's a major step to implement a system-wide communication solution. Our confidence in Flathat and our mission to modernize communication in schools is the engine that drives us.

If I don't want to integrate my LMS, can I still use the platform?

Yes. This will remove the feature of assignment tracking and the discrete chat channels for each assignment, but we do allow schools to participate without LMS integration.

Is this only for public schools?

Flathat is a revolutionary solution for all schools from K-University, public and private alike.

Let's talk about getting your district into the Flathat Pilot Program.

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