You chose Flathat! (This means you're super smart btw) But, now what?

It takes a Community approach to revolutionize school communication.

EdTech has a ship-and-forget problem. Vendors are too focused on "the next district" and often have paper-thin success plans, or worse, no success plan at all. 

We approach this much differently. We acknowledge bringing school communication and collaboration into the future requires a holistic approach and significant follow-through to find success. While every district has some individual needs, we provide here a high-level framework for the successful implementation of Flathat.

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Flathat implementation: A framework for Success

Defining the Success Team

Establish Project Lead
Assign Technical Lead (District/School)

Assign dedicated Integration Engineer (Flathat)

Assign  Security Operations Lead (Flathat)

Assign Marketing & Publicity Lead (Flathat)


The Milestones

Define the "11 star experience" (District perspective)

Intro the Success Team to the Project Management toolset 

Action Items defined with 360 visibility for all stakeholders

Define Roadmap from Agreement to Live Operations


The Analytics

Set the master Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Establish Teacher KPIs

Establish Student KPIs

Establish Admin KPIs

Establish Parent/Guardian KPIs

Establish Measurement/Reporting Cadence


Publicity and Marketing

Change Management Plan

Event & PR Planning

Earned Media Strategy
Digital Marketing Plan

Traditional Marketing Plan

Designate Brand Champions


Live Operations

Establish Clear Feedback Channels

Establish Support Funnel

Measure Execution against KPIs

Monthly Report on Execution

Optimizations and Improvements

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Apply to join the  Pilot Program

Flathat is inviting districts to apply to a Pilot Program for the 2022/23 academic year.